AMD claims that to unlock cores in processors Ryzen Threadripper impossible, as there is simply nothing to unlock

A couple of days ago we learned that all of the crystals in processors Ryzen Threadripper are real. That is, potentially all models have 32 cores, only some of them blocked.

Against this background, the question arises concerning the ability to unlock «extra» cores, the more the server 32 core CPU Epyc similar structure.

Senior Manager of AMD’s products, James Pryor (James Prior), decided to clarify the situation. On his Twitter page, he explains that we should not think processors Ryzen Threadripper identical models Epyc. He argues that these CPU different substrate and different crystals. In the case of Ryzen Threadripper two «extra» crystal is not able to work and, in fact, are simply «stones».

Of course, part of the enthusiasts will always be hope for the ability to unlock, but even if such existed, at least in theory, would hardly have allowed AMD to implement this, since the transformation of the OCTA-core processor 32-core is too much even for AMD.



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