AMD claims that any problems in the Windows task scheduler with 10 processors Ryzen no

A few days ago it became known that Windows 10 supposedly does not work properly with AMD processors. In particular, task scheduler incorrectly determined the size of the cache and could not distinguish between physical cores and virtual threads.

Those who hoped to gain performance after the release of the update Windows 10, can forget about it. AMD said that the reported problems in Windows 10 and the OS task scheduler works with CPU Ryzen correctly.

Cause information about the scheduler, according to AMD, was the outdated version IN the Sysinternals coreinfo utility. In particular, the company proposed to use the Sysinternals coreinfo utility v.3.31 to make sure that everything works correctly.

AMD denies the existence of a significant difference in performance Ryzen in Windows 7 and Windows 10. Rather, the company believes that if some kind of difference somewhere and seen, that is a consequence of the different architectures of the OS and not problems with the scheduler.

With regard to technology supports Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT) games, AMD claims that most games are still either neutral refers to the presence of virtual streams, or gets a small advantage.



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