AMD Bristol Ridge with heating package 35 W finally went on sale

Initially desktop AMD Bristol Ridge had to leave at the beginning of the year, becoming a transitional link between old solutions and new Ryzen.

In the end, the situation was somewhat different and buy boxed APU performed AM4 became possible relatively recently. Moreover, the originally announced models with a TDP of 35 watts only now started to appear on sale.

Energy efficient are the three APU: A12-9800E, A10-9700E and A6-9500E. The first two have four cores, and the latter received only two. The cost of these processors is approximately 110, 90 and $ 60 respectively. For the most part the APU Bristol Ridge interesting PC manufacturers, not end customers, but the latter, if you want to now get budget platform AM4, have no choice, as inexpensive models Ryzen no in the near future, apparently, is not expected.



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