AMD believes that the technology CrossFire is very interesting market

Yesterday, AMD has finally unveiled the video gaming generation Vega. While their performance can only guess, although it will clearly be high by modern standards.

And while we are all waiting for the first reviews, the online GamersNexus noticed one interesting feature in the announcement of new products. Promotional materials relating to video cards Vega did not contain any performance data in bundles CrossFire. Yes, this technology is supported and it will not go away, but for some reason AMD decided not to give this even the slightest bit of attention.

AMD representatives explained this fact. He noted that the industry generally moves away from mnogoatomnykh configurations and the company adheres to the same opinion. Supposedly the developers too little attention is paid to such ligaments and related optimizations, and players who prefer to use two or more cards at the same time, too little.

Note that approximately the same path coming and Nvidia, which limited the use of bundles, consisting of more than two graphics cards in their current generation adapters.



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