AMD and Nvidia will release a 3D card with no video outputs designed for cryptocurrency miners

A few days ago we wrote that the European stores have noted an increased demand for graphics cards AMD Radeon RX RX 470 and 480, which is associated with the mining of cryptocurrencies.

However, this affected not only Europe. In Russia and Ukraine at the moment to buy these cards almost impossible. The same situation is with the new RX RX 570 and 580. Moreover, even with GeForce cards starting with the GTX 1060, the situation is similar. It is associated not only with increased demand but with the fact that AMD and Nvidia simply did not expect such a situation and output the GPU is insufficient. Moreover, to solve the problem quickly will not work, so the deficit may persist for several weeks or even months.

But now not about it. According to the source, AMD and Nvidia finally realized how promising for them at the moment segment of the mining of cryptocurrencies, and are going to release a special version of 3D maps focused on these tasks.

Such accelerators will be different from the usual lack of video outputs and probably a few other BIOS. In addition, the warranty for such cards will be only 90 days. But they are cheaper gaming options.

Such a move would allow AMD, Nvidia and partners further capitalize on new clients, but also to avoid the current situation of shortage gaming adapters. While it is reported that Nvidia is preparing to release a special version of the GeForce GTX 1060, and AMD is preparing some cards based on GPU Polaris.



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