AMD accuses LG, Vizio, MediaTek and Sigma Designs in the infringement of patents for technologies GPU

AMD believes that the company LG, Vizio, MediaTek and Sigma Designs violate it owned patents on the GPU. In this regard, the GPU contacted the international trade Commission USA (ITC), demanding to ban the sale of certain products.

Two of the three patents that are the subject of appeal, were acquired by AMD buying ATI. The patents relate to features of the architecture of graphics processors, including unified shaders and parallel execution.

The ban, according to AMD, should be extended to single-chip system MediaTek Helio P10, used in some LG smartphones, and single-chip system Sigma SX7 used in TVs Vizio. Note that all listed company license ready GPU companies ARM and Imagination, but the latter is not mentioned in the complaint. According to one source, this is a consequence of the peculiarities of the US legal system, which is easier to prove patent infringement in the finished product than used in the IP core.

Source: ITC,



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