Ambulances in Sweden can pre-notify the movement of its approach using RDS

The time of arrival of ambulances on call at times is the most important factor in the question of salvation of human life. Unfortunately, the speed of movement of special vehicles is often limited to urban traffic or even traffic jams.

The students of the Royal Institute of technology in Stockholm have developed a very simple but effective technology that should simplify the movement of vehicles in the city.

The technology is simple: the special vehicle is equipped with a special transmitter operating in the band of radio frequencies FM. If necessary, the device sends the next machine in the flow signal, which is received by the RDS receivers. In the end, the drivers in advance hear the voice alert of the approaching ambulance, and see a corresponding message on the player screen. And the message will be heard regardless of whether the music in the car.

So drivers can for 10-15 seconds to recognize the approach of the car that is missed. This is especially useful for those motorists who love loud music while driving, making it difficult to hear a siren from afar.

Testing of the system, which is called EVAM, will begin in Stockholm on a limited number of ambulances in the current quarter.



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