Amazon will test some of the experimental wireless technology

Amazon is preparing to test out an innovative experimental wireless technology. The testing will involve as certain mobile device and stationary base station. It should be noted that mobile devices are not smartphones. While in General it is unclear what it will be.

The tests are in a rural location and close to Washington and Seattle. This week, Amazon filed for the permits.

It would be for the technology than it is innovative and which segments will be used is still unknown. But participation in the tests Neil Woodward (Neil Woodward) may indirectly indicate that the technology will be used for the project, Prime Air, that is to communicate with the drones. The fact that Woodward is a senior Manager of this project.

In documents filed with Amazon, stated that testing will be associated with a temporary low-power fixed transmitters and related mobile devices. To experience the technology will be both indoors and in open spaces. Each test site will include three stationary transmitter and a dozen mobile devices.

For the operation of the base station claimed a whole list of bands, starting with the 734-746 MHz and ending with 2110-2170 MHz. Mobile frequency about the same.



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