Amazon will teach voice assistant Alexa to identify a user by voice

Amazon’s Alexa is the most popular voice assistant, if we consider all possible market segments. Google and Microsoft are so far making only the first steps to third-party developers have started to implement support for their AI in their devices, and Apple can and does not say. Alexa also found in smartphones, and in the acoustic systems, and in smart watches, cars and other devices.

According to the source, Amazon is now working to teach Alexa to distinguish users by their voices. This would further extend the capabilities of the respective devices, for example, in large (and small too) families. Alexa could remember the requests of specific users and in certain situations to act without additional guidance.

The ability to identify user’s voice can also allow you to block some functionality for guests or children. It is particularly important this can be in the case of a large number of smart home systems. After all, to give an unnecessary command to change temperature or turn on a household appliance and the baby.

Now Alexa is able to distinguish between users only with the ability of creating multiple profiles. But they need to switch an additional voice command.



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