Amazon will reward developers of the most popular games skills to the Alexa

The beauty of the voice assistant Alexa in that it is open to third-party developers. This means that they can «teach» him what he does not know how initially. And for the time that devices with the Alexa are available in the market, he had more than 12 000 new abilities.

The problem for developers is that Amazon in no way allows you to monetize their modules to Alexa. They can’t be sold, they can not somehow to incorporate advertising.

But Amazon realizes that the opportunity for profit will give a new impetus to the development of the ecosystem Alexa. For this reason, the company has launched a program Amazon Rewards for Skill Developers. In the framework of the Amazon every month will determine the best playing skills Alexa at the end of last term, and the developers of these skills will receive a cash reward. The amounts not yet Amazon says, but adds that the size of payments will depend on the activity of using one or another skill-user. Based on this same principle will happen for the best.

The program is already launched, but so far only applies to skills. Amazon explains that these abilities Alexa «pleasant and delightful, and represent some of the most exciting action for users in the Alexa».

It is also worth noting that the best evaluation will be individual for each market: USA, UK and Germany. That is, a developer can enter a list of the best two or three markets for one month.

Amazon notes that is looking for other ways to reward the developers for a new skill to Alexa.



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