Amazon will give support Alexa one of the new media players Fire TV

Amazon is preparing to introduce two new family of media player Fire TV. Their names are still unknown, but there are images and some features.

The image on the right you can see the device, which will be a hybrid set-top boxes and smart assistant. It will get the support of the voice assistant Alexa, that will allow to control the player through voice commands.

On the left you can see the Fire TV without the support of Alexa. But both of these models will support playback of 4K video with HDR 60 fps.

Also Amazon will update the simple version of the Fire TV in a stick. She will not be able to work with 4K video and is suitable for those users who are not interested. It is known that the basis of this release will lay the platform with Quad-core GPU Mali-450 and 2 GB of RAM.



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