Amazon plans to increase staff working on a voice assistant, Alexa, another 400 people

Amazon essentially created a new segment in the market — smart acoustic system. Some time its model of the Echo with voice assistant Alexa was the only one, but just in the last 2-3 months, many players in one way or another showed that this segment of them is also interesting. Against this background, the analysts even predicted a manifold increase in the market as smart in the next four years.

But while Amazon remains the leader in this market and does not intend to give in this place. It also indicates the fact that the company intends to employ 400 people who will work directly on development in General and the Alexa line of Echo in particular. And this despite the fact that the CEO mentioned that the team has about 1,000 people.

Of course, Alexa has gradually goes beyond the home segment and is trying to gain a foothold in other markets, so the increase in staff that will be working ON, does not mean that they will engage in smart as. But while this is the most developed part of this direction from Amazon and for some time it will remain.



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