Amazon is preparing to introduce smart speaker system family Echo, which will cost only $ 50

Amazon accidentally, and maybe not slip about the new sound system of the family Echo. The point is that yesterday, the us giant has published on Twitter the announcement of the new AC, but then the record was deleted, and the device never showed.

The novelty is supposedly going to be called Echo Dot as the device is unveiled in March. But a new speaker will cost buyers just $50, while the current version costs $90.

Recall that Echo Dot differs from the original system Echo size and the lack of proper speakers. But the device has kept the support of the voice assistant Alexa and constantly listens to the user. What will be different is the budget version of the Echo, is still unknown. We can assume that, as Amazon Tap, 50-dollars as not to be constantly in active mode, and will require pressing the button to launch Alexa.



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