Amazon introduced the feature of free calls and messages for devices that support voice assistant Alexa

Amazon today unveiled the next device family Echo. It is called the Echo Show is a large enough display. In fact, with the release of Echo Show is even better, it becomes clear that to call all such devices intelligent audio systems is already incorrect. Rather, it is home voice assistants or voice assistants.

Anyway, in addition to running Echo Show Amazon today also talked about a new feature, which is available for the device, and will soon appear on other members of the family Echo.

Talking about the possibility to call from one device to another Echo, and send messages. Of course, the interaction between devices occurs in the Network, so no fee is required. In fact, Amazon offers its own equivalent of a modern instant messengers, but a few aimed at different type of user interaction. Moreover, to support voice calls and sending messages will not only Echo, but in almost all devices with a voice assistant, Alexa. For example, Fire tablets and Fire TV media players.

In addition, the Alexa application available for iOS and Android, and this means that virtually any smartphone owner can use Amazon.



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