Amazon has taught voice assistant Alexa to understand the context of the conversation

Voice assistant Amazon’s Alexa is the most common of these, if we talk about the variety of markets and segments where it is represented. Despite the fact that he appeared not so long ago, he is younger and potentially stronger competitors. For example, Google Assistant.

But Amazon is not going to give up without a fight. As it became known, the new update of the Alexa gave the AI the ability to consider the context of the previous question in formulating the response to the following. This feature is one of the main that distinguishes Google Assistant and not yet present in the market Viv from the competition.

Of course, a complete comparison is necessary to arrange virtual assistants confront. However, the beauty of such software is that the developers are constantly improving it, and the absence of any possibilities now is not to say that a particular virtual assistant is always worse than the competitors.



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