Amazon has taught voice assistant Alexa, a new language, but it’s not Russian

The voice assistants of the new generation have one common drawback — a small number of languages supported. This applies even to Amazon’s Alexa, not to mention younger Assistant Google and Samsung Bixby.

For example, Alexa now supports only English and German that contain the spread of the most successful at the moment, the AI in this segment in new markets.

And here it became known that Amazon decided to teach a new language to Alexa. Unfortunately, it’s not Russian. But it’s not even some of the European languages. Amazon decided that the Japan market for it right now, so Alexa was taught to speak the language of the Country of the rising sun.

In Japan the device family Echo will appear next week. Amazon is well prepared to run and already at the start of the Alexa will not only get a unique Japanese voice and local knowledge, but also support more than 250 new authorship skills of Japanese developers.



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