Amazon has patented a delivery drone and descend by parachute

Late last year Amazon announced the first successful delivery of goods using unmanned aerial vehicles, held in the framework of the project Prime Air.

The new Amazon patent, which was discovered in the database of the U.S. patent office (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office), describes the modernized method of delivery of goods using drones.

At the initial stage, the drone delivers the goods to the specified address, but then it does not fit, and resets a parcel in the container, which is equipped with a parachute. While UAV tracks a trajectory of decline of the load, having the opportunity to correct it.

To this end, the container has additional parachutes on different sides, flaps, and a tank of compressed air that you can open in different directions.

As with all other patents, registration does not mean that we will see such a solution in reality.



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