Amazon for 13.7 billion dollars buys a huge supermarket chain Whole Foods Market

Just a few days ago Professor Scott Galloway (Scott Galloway), who is the founder of a major investment Fund Firebrand Partners, said the Amazon may become the first, whose value will exceed 1 trillion dollars.

Among other things, Galloway argued that the retail stores will eventually be only for premium goods, and Amazon will contribute up to 98% of sales of products for General use in the United States.

Apparently, today Amazon has made another big step to such a future. The company has gained vast trading network Whole Foods Market, which sells organic food. The transaction value is 13.7 billion dollars!

Under the deal, Whole Foods Market retains autonomy, brand and own management. In the Network appeared rumors that Amazon is planning to open about 2,000 grocery stores under their own brand.

As of September last year, the company had 431 supermarket in the United States, Canada and the UK. By the way, this is the largest deal in Amazon for many years.



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