Amazon Echo Look — a hybrid of a smart acoustic system and the camera, who knows fashion better than you

A couple of months ago we published a picture of the first home surveillance camera Amazon. Then the device had no data, but now it is announced under the name Echo Look.

Let’s start with the fact that Look while Echo is available by invitation only, as it was some time after the launch of the first smart speaker system Echo. The novelty is estimated at $ 200.

But the most important thing is that Echo Look — not the camera as you would think. This camera stylist or consultant. Itself Amazon calls the new Hands-Free Camera and Style Assistant.

The camera here is needed in order to help the user to choose their own clothes. The point is simple. The user puts on some clothes and gives a voice command the camera to take a picture or video. First, over time, the user gathers a collection of such images, which can be shared on social networks, and secondly, the video recording allows you to pose in front of a camera and then see how your outfit looks from behind and from the side, and thirdly, the function of Style Check gives you the opportunity to send two images to the virtual expert which acts as artificial intelligence. He will compare the two looks, I will consider fashion trends and other aspects, and give their verdict. Over time this feature will become smarter and more adequate.

In General we can say that Echo the Look is quite a strange device. However, Echo Look is a full-featured intelligent system, like all members of the family Echo. That is, it has a microphone, speaker and voice assistant Alexa. Thus, Echo Look can choose those who are wanted as family Echo, and was interested in additional functions related to evaluation style. Probably the lion’s share of buyers of the novelties will consist of members of the fairer sex. It is worth noting that the speaker volume is still unknown. It is possible to use Echo Look exactly as the speaker system special will not make sense, and the speaker of the device is used only for scoring answers to questions Alexa user.



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