Amazon Dash Wand is a «magic» wand for ordering food and not only

While big companies of the IT market try to invent something new that will amaze consumers, Amazon is trying to simplify its customers everyday life. Not in vain had the opinion that Amazon may become the first company worth $1 trillion.

So Amazon Dash Wand — new product that aims to simplify the process of buying certain products. This is a small device with voice assistant Alexa and bar code scanning. With Dash Wand, you can add products to a shopping list on Amazon. This is done either by voice or by a scanner. In fact, it is easier to evaluate the whole process on video.

As you can see, the Dash Wand can be used not only for filling the refrigerator, but also for information, control systems, smart home and so on. Amazon says that Alexa is the device has some limitations, but the Dash Wand is not positioned as an alternative to the Echo family.

Amazon has also thought about those who have already decided that the Dash Wand will be another device that will always have to charge. So the novelty is powered by two AAA batteries. In addition, inside there is a magnet, so that the Dash Wand can be attached to metal surface, including refrigerators.

The novelty costs $ 20. The buyer receives a discount of $ 20 when you purchase a product through Dash Wand. Also, the new owners of the device get 90 days of free service, AmazonFresh (grocery deliveries), which normally will cost $ 15 per month.

In addition to grocery through the Dash Wand, you can order any non-numeric from the range of products Amazon.



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