Amazon could become the first company worth $1 trillion

At the moment Apple is one of the main contenders in the race for the prestigious title of the world’s first company with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion.

However, Professor Scott Galloway (Scott Galloway), who is the founder of a major investment Fund Firebrand Partners, believes that the first company worth $ 1 trillion will be Amazon.

He predicts a decrease in the number of typical retail outlets in the U.S. by a third, this one will not be harmed, because more people buying goods on Amazon and enjoy convenient delivery services.

In his opinion, the retail stores in the future will be only for premium goods, and also for the category of people who likes before buying hold the thing in his hands.

The share of Amazon in the foreseeable future, can come to 98% of American sales of goods for General use, the remaining 2% will belong to the companies that offer branded clothes, accessories, cars and so on.



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