Amazon can start shipping the first cargo for the construction of a lunar base in 2020

SpaceX is the most famous of the young companies that are engaged in rocket science. The company Blue Origin, owned by Amazon Chapter of Jeffrey Bezos (Jeffrey Bezos), flashes in the media is not often, although, for example, she first managed to successfully land a booster, though its size and capabilities comparable with the Falcon 9.

As it became known, that Blue Origin may in the end be the company that finally will initiate the Foundation of a lunar base, about which wrote so much fiction. First lunar mission can be made in July 2020. And it implies sending to the natural satellite of the Earth cargo that will be needed to build the base.

It is assumed that the base may be established near the Shackleton crater, which is located at the South pole of the moon. First, this area is almost always illuminated by sunlight, and secondly, about a fifth of the surface of the crater covered with water ice that would automatically resolve the issue of water.

With regard to the implementation of the mission, it will be assigned on a space ship Blue Moon, which will be capable of delivering up to 4.5 tonnes of cargo. What rocket will be used for delivery of the ship to the moon, is unclear. In principle, itself Amazon is working to launch New Glenn, which was promised to enter service until the end of the decade, which corresponds well with the calendar of the lunar mission. But Amazon claims that Blue Moon you will run into space and through other missiles. For example, the Space Launch System, or Atlas V.



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