Aluminum enclosure Akasa Newton AC designed for the new younger model Intel NUC

Together with the body of Newton S7 Akasa company presented a model of Newton AC, also calculated on the motherboard of mini-PC Intel NUC. Design similar in the main parts, but they are designed for different charges: in case Akasa Newton AC is NUC6CAYS and NUC6CAYH on CPU Apollo Lake, and not on the older Core family.

Aluminum case has received a fin top and side panels, the manufacturer claims about the organization of passive cooling of the CPU through the top cover. For use as an HTPC can be useful to the IR receiver, as displayed on front panel with two USB 3.0 ports and a headphone Jack. Is equipped with a compartment for the drive size 2.5 inches.

Enclosure Akasa Newton AC can be mounted behind the display using the VESA mount on the rear panel, among other things, removed the VGA port and two connectors for the antennas of the wireless module. The dimensions of new make up 140 x 111 x 51 mm.



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