Aluminum computer case Streacom F12C fits up to 24 Optical drives and optical drive

Illustrated computer case Optical F12C joined the company directory Streacom. It is designed for Board size ATX and overall very similar to the basic model Streacom F12C. The main difference reflected in the title, is the ability to install an optical drive 12.7 mm slot loading. In addition, the front panel had a couple of connectors USB 3.0 ports.

Like its predecessor, the body is made of aluminum panels 4 mm thick, subjected to sandblasting treatment and anodizing. There are two options — silver and black. The case weighs 4.4 kg.

Case dimensions equal to 440 x 320 x 184 mm allow to accommodate a Board size mini-ITX, mATX or ATX, up to seven cards with a length up to 310 mm and a large number of drives, which is determined by the size of the motherboard. So, together with the cost of the ATX can deliver up to five drives size 3.5-inch and two drives size 2.5 inches and with Board mini-ITX, up to 12 drives size 3.5-inch or up to 24 drives size 2.5 inches.

In the case fit CPU cooler with height up to 135 mm and ATX PSU of any length. The installation of fans, size 80, 92, 120 and 140 mm. it Should also be noted the presence on the front of the window for the IR receiver (the receiver itself is not included).

The price new the source does not.

Source: Streacom


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