Alstom introduced the Coradia train iLint running on hydrogen fuel cells

The electric cars are no longer oddities. Many manufacturers are going in the coming years to produce much more similar cars.

But cars on hydrogen fuel elements — the «beasts» are extremely rare. Similar to the production cars is extremely small, and the relative fame and even received the only one — the Toyota Mirai.

But Alstom proposes to use this kind of energy for bringing the movement of trains. Moreover, the company has already built the first train Coradia iLint using fuel cells. For customers Alstorm will offer a complete package that includes not only the trains but also maintenance and infrastructure associated with the filling of such kind of transport.

It should be noted that Alstorm is not a newcomer on the market of railway transport, which is so immediately decided to change the industry. It is a major French manufacturer of power equipment and railway transport annual turnover of 20 billion euros.

As for trains Coradia iLint, it’s based on proven diesel transport Coradia Lint 54.


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