Along with the adaptors that turn a Thunderbolt port into two 3 port, DisplayPort or HDMI

The emergence of laptops have Thunderbolt ports 3 opens the possibility of connecting to one connector for two monitors 4K. For this you can use the adapters, the issue of which was announced by the company Sapphire.

Announced two models: one of them turns the Thunderbolt port into two 3 port DisplayPort, the second in a two HDMI port.

Each of the adapters allows you to simultaneously connect two displays with resolutions up to 4K with frame rates up to 60 Hz. A model with DisplayPort outputs, in addition, supports connecting one monitor with a 5K frame rate of 60 Hz. The source indicates that this option will be available only on PCs running Windows.

Supplies adapters the manufacturer expects to begin in the third quarter. Prices are still unknown.

Source: Techpowerup



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