Almost half of smartphone users spend with these devices for more than five hours a day

Analysts at Counterpoint Research surveyed smartphone users in different countries and received information about the use of these devices and found out some interesting facts associated with their purchase.

To date, almost half of the world’s population use smartphones. For the year for the purchase of new smartphones, people spend over 370 billion dollars.

Smartphones have quickly occupied a Central place among other electronic devices, playing the role of not only communication, but also tools for access to information and entertainment device. Almost half of smartphone users who took part in the poll, conducts with these devices for more than five hours a day.

Every fourth user spends on a smartphone more than seven hours a day. To this group belong those who need a smartphone for work, and those who consume with the help of mobile digital content. It is noteworthy that users in developing countries spend more time with smartphones than users in developed countries. Least of all the smartphones used in Japan.

The most common applications of smartphones are the access to Internet resources and games. Followed the link, and in most cases, users prefer voice communication, but in Asia and Africa in the first place is the exchange of text messages. Video viewing and social networking (considered separately from other activity on the Internet) took fifth and sixth places respectively.

As for the upgrade cycle of smartphones, the average is 21 months. For obvious reasons, are more likely to change smartphones, people are provided by developed countries.


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