Alloy Project — project virtual reality headset in the performance of Intel

Virtual reality is not new technology. However, its arrival on the market will probably be successful. This confirms the Intel, which at its IDF conference presented the project Alloy.

Project Alloy — independent virtual reality headset. That is, to work it does not require connection to a PC or smartphone. Sorry, about the project so little is known. On the device you can see the inscription RealSense, which indicates the use of cameras with this technology.

In addition, a distinctive feature of the novelty is the ability to recognize objects outside, that will not allow the user to face one of them. Moreover, the headset is able to recognize the user’s hands and even the objects in them and transfer them into a virtual reality. However, the video shows that while the execution is somewhat lame, which indicates the incompleteness of the project.

About the hardware characteristics of the headset is unknown. Given the fact that the power the device uses its own battery installed inside the components should be fairly energy efficient, but in the proper degree productive.

The Alloy project is available in the form of an open platform next year.



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