Alloy Project — another project with Intel, which has ceased to exist

Just a couple of weeks ago we once again touched on the theme that Intel this year rejects many of its developments and trends.

Now the Treasury has expanded Alloy headset Project presented last summer. Recall that Alloy Project — draft gear VR headset, which was not required connect to PC. At the time of the announcement details were scarce. In particular, they spoke about the RealSense cameras, the ability to recognize objects around the device, and, more importantly, to recognize the hand of the user.

Like many other projects of the processor, this meant the development by Intel of a reference device, turning it into an open platform and the creation of partners of different versions of these headsets.

It was on the last step and tripped by the company. Reportedly, due to lack of interest from partners Intel closes the project. The company continues to develop in the segment of augmented and virtual reality, so you can expect some new announcements in the future.

Moreover, Intel has revealed some details of the upcoming device. This is the RealSense camera, processor Movidius, six degrees of freedom, as well as some technologies that use WiGig, and Thunderbolt Optane.



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