Alleged images of the Meizu Pro 7 demonstrate the smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8

In Chinese social network Weibo has posted images of the new smartphone company Meizu. The source claims that the new flagship smartphone Meizu Pro 7.

Rear panel of the device is reminiscent of last year’s Meizu Pro Pro 6S and 6 Plus. And if you appreciate the appearance of the front panel, the designer was probably inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S8. It should be noted that the authenticity of the images at this stage it is impossible to determine, so it may be a simple fantasy fans.

A few days ago, Meizu CEO Jack Wong (Jack Wong) and Vice-President Li Nan (Li Nan) confirmed that the smartphone with a display that will occupy the entire front panel will be available only in 2018.

The smartphone Meizu Pro 7 is credited with a display diagonal of 5.7 inches resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, single-chip system Helio X30 and a 12-megapixel image sensor Sony IMX362.



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