All four of the crystal in the AMD Ryzen Threadripper are real

Overclocker Der8auer decided to check information of some mass media about the fact that AMD processors Ryzen Threadripper under the hood have only two real crystal, and the other two are «dummy» is only for more uniform pressure distribution.

He purchased the serial model Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and conducted a procedure of scalping. Then all four of the crystal was separated from the substrate and ground.

It turned out that all four crystal are real and no «dummy» processor is not used. Presumably, two deactivated the crystal have some defects and would not be able to fully function. Over time, however, when the yield increases, AMD will probably have to use quite workable crystals.

Also, we cannot exclude the possibility of future 32-core models Ryzen Threadripper.



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