All! analysts predict rapid growth of the market of professional robotic cleaners

Company All!, market research and forecasts, prepared a forecast regarding the market of professional robotic cleaners. According to analysts, the market in the coming years will grow rapidly. In the period up to 2021 is expected to increase by 44% per year.

All! experts allocate two segments: industrial and commercial. The share of first at the end of 2016 more than 70%. Robots belonging to this segment are used in industries where they need them grows as the complexity of the equipment and increase the risk for cleaners. At the same time, keeping clean, you can reduce the risk of failure and reduce downtime.

Robots can serve the areas, difficult to access or even inaccessible to humans, including, for example, pipelines. This also applies to work in elevated temperatures or the presence of harmful chemicals. In addition, a wider introduction of robots in some regions is dictated by the lack of a suitable workforce and the desire of manufacturers to make more efficient use of resources.

Source: All!


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