All AMD Ryzen will have an unlocked multiplier

We recently learned that the frequency potential of the new AMD Ryzen must be high enough, especially given the relatively low base frequency of a flagship model.

Now it became known that AMD will support overclocking enthusiasts and users who want free to slightly increase the performance of your new CPU. For example, this is done due to the fact that all of Ryzen CPU will have an unlocked multiplier.

However, not all new chipsets will support overclocking, but those will be three instead of one, X370, X300 and B350. Thus, everyone can assemble a system suitable according to the parameters and price, and then a little to accelerate it.

Processors Ryzen should appear on sale no later than the middle of the current quarter. AMD specifically said that the question of the end of the quarter does not go and new will come sooner.



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