All AMD Ryzen 5 is still based on a full eight-core chip, which leaves hope for the possibility of unlocking

A couple of days ago AMD introduced processors Ryzen 5. In this line yet includes only four models: two Quad-core and six-core CPU two. As it became known, all processors Ryzen 5 will be based on the full eight-core chip, just part of the cores is disabled. At least, so it will be the first time. This will allow AMD to use the discarded crystals and to reduce manufacturing costs.

In this regard, the question arose of internal processor configurations. As you know, OCTA-core CPU Ryzen include two module (CCX) for four cores, connected by an internal interface Infinity Fabric.

The source got hold of relevant information and reports that the number of active cores in each module CCX will be the same in all processors. That is, if we’re talking about a six-core CPU, then it in each module will be disabled one core, when talking about Quad-core processors, each module will contain two active nuclei. This will make the configuration more balanced and to fully use the tire Infinity Fabric.

As for the cache, models 1600X Ryzen, Ryzen Ryzen 1500X 1600 and receive all of the 16 MB cache of the third level, and the younger Ryzen 1400 will settle for 8 MB. By the way, it remains an open question the possibility of unlocking disabled cores. Remembering the legendary processors Sempron 140 and Athlon 215, it is hoped that in the case of Ryzen manufacturer will please buyers potentially unlockable models.

About 3 processors Ryzen no such data yet. They probably still use a separate crystal.



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