All AMD processors in the performance of the AM4 will support Windows 7

According to recent figures, sales AMD Ryzen should appear in March. We still do not have official or at least sufficiently reliable data regarding the launch of AMD.

For example, recently there appeared information that the alleged six-core CPU, although a few days later another source said that such still appear at the start of sales.

But in the vast online Reddit there was a short note. There are some of the features of the upcoming AMD solutions, which are learned directly from the company’s partners on one of the shows.

So, to begin, we note that all of the new processors in the performance of the AM4 will support Windows 7, which still remains the most popular desktop OS on the market, and by a large margin. For comparison, Intel has already begun to abandon support for this OS in their new CPU.

It became known that hybrid processors, Raven Ridge, primarily designed for mobile devices, will have four cores and the ability to handle up to eight threads simultaneously. By the way, later this year will appear and desktop APU Raven Ridge.

The rest of the information less interesting. In particular, Asus said that the 10-phase power subsystem motherboards for the new processors are better suited for overclocking, and it became known that micron technology and other companies are working on the chassis, which will cover the CPU and power supply for Asus motherboards Crosshair.



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