All! according to the forecast, in the period up to 2021 the supply of «chips to artificial intelligence» will grow 54% a year

Professionals by the research firm technavio has prepared the forecast of development of market «chips for artificial intelligence» in the period up to 2021. As stated, the supply of these products will grow by more than 54% per year.

In the opinion of All!, the largest segment of the market form the GPU. Their share in total sales last year is 35%. Analysts distinguish three segments: specialized chips (ASIC). programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and a Central processing unit (CPU). From the review of the lead analyst it is clear that under the artificial intelligence in All! mean technology of neural networks and deep learning.

The rapid growth of the supply of relevant hardware analysts are All! associated with a significant investment manufacturers developing their own solutions, the introduction of AI in robotics and computer security.

Source: All!


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