All! according to the forecast, in the period up to 2021, the market for flexible displays will grow by 35% per year

Professionals by the research firm technavio examined the market for flexible displays and formulated a forecast for its development in the period from 2017 to 2021.

According to the forecast of All!, in this period, the market for flexible displays will grow by an average of 35% per year. If the forecast is justified, in 2021 the volume of that market will reach 16,66 billion.

Analysts have identified three market segments flexible displays, using as a criterion of belonging to one of them used in display technology. The first segment displays organic led (OLED), and the second electrophoretic display (EPD), a third liquid-crystal displays (LCD).

According to analysts, the advantage in the coming years will be on the side of the OLED display, which share at the end of 2016 is approaching 77%. In the period up to 2021, this segment will rise by 32.23% per year.

Electrophoretic displays are predominantly monochrome models, which is one of the factors limiting their distribution. The share of EPD at the end of 2016 — about 20%, and projected growth — 17,43% per year.

Finally, liquid crystal displays, which share for the year amounted to 3.51% and are the least promising. This segment is forecast by All!, will increase by 5.51% per year.

Source: All!


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