Alibaba Group expands footprint in Australia and New Zealand

Alibaba Group, China’s largest company working in the field of e-Commerce, is expanding its presence in Australia and New Zealand. This is evidenced by the opening of the Melbourne regional headquarters of the Alibaba Group.

Alibaba Group founder, billionaire Jack MA (Jack Ma), who in his youth spent in Australia for some time, expressed on this occasion, the hope that his company will help companies from Australia and New Zealand «to share their products with numerous buyers around the world»

In the region of Alibaba Group sees the formation of the necessary infrastructure, so that local enterprises to enter foreign markets. Now on platforms of Tmall Global and Tmall, owned by Alibaba, represented approximately 1,300 400 Australian and new Zealand companies.

It remains to add that the income of the Alibaba Group over the past financial year equal 15,686 billion, net profit 11,056 billion.

Source: Reuters


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