Alexa voice assistant has learned to control the color of the smart lamps

Alexa voice assistant has long been you can use to control smart bulbs Philips, TP-Link and other manufacturers, but only by adjusting the brightness, enabling or turning off lights. This is a significant limitation, given that the color of the lamps may take millions of shades. However, the restriction was left in the past Amazon has added support for setting the color of Philips Hue lamps, TP-Link Kasa and LiFi Labs LIFX.

Verify that the workaround is to choose the color of your Philips Hue existed before. You can program the color as part of the «scene», which includes brightness and color. But now everything has become simpler: the user can explicitly name the color, or perhaps ask them to make the light «warmer». Voice assistant remembers up to 100 colors, which can give a human-readable description such as «warm white».

Source: Engadget


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