Alcatel smart watch WiFi MoveTime got a higher quality display, but maintained the software platform of its predecessor

At the IFA 2016 Alcatel has brought a new smart watch. They are called MoveTime Wi-Fi and are part of a new family called Move.

The manufacturer continues to use its own software platform, but this time have updated it with made more interesting in appearance. Technical parameters of the new device also better. In particular, it uses an AMOLED display diagonal of 1.4 inches with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels.

As for the hardware platform, it Alcatel says nothing, but given the lack of a full OS, it does not matter. But we know that the new microphone and speaker, so the watch can be used to make calls subject to the availability of nearby paired smartphone. Also available adapters, wireless interfaces, and a heart rate sensor. The cost of the watch is $ 150. Alcatel offers for its new products a variety of interchangeable straps, but the value is unknown.



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