Akitio chassis Node Lite with Thunderbolt port 3 is intended for external connection card PCIe

The company’s product range has expanded Akitio external chassis for expansion cards PCIe. It’s called Node Lite. To the computer Node Lite connects via Thunderbolt interface 3.

The chassis complies with the specifications of PCIe 3.0. Mechanical expansion slot designed for card PCIe x16, and it works in PCIe x4. Width card can be dual-slot. Unfortunately, the power consumed by the card is limited to 25 watts, which limits the scope chassis. Some examples of cards that can be installed in Node Lite, the manufacturer calls the SSD card to capture video, network adapters. Installation of the card is performed without tools.

The presence of two Thunderbolt ports 3 allows you to enable Akitio Lite Node in the chain with other devices. In addition, there is a separate DisplayPort outputs. Body chassis made of aluminum. Product dimensions bearing part number index T3NL-T3DIS-AKTU equal to 23.3 x 14.9 x 7,6 cm

Sale Akitio Node Lite will start in the end of the quarter at a price of $270.

Source: Akitio


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