Aitech single Board computer SP0-S is suitable for spacecraft

The company Aitech Defense Systems has unveiled a single Board computer SP0-S, tested in accordance with the requirements of the electronics of the spacecraft.

System is based on standard size 3U CompactPCI is resistant to the effects of ionizing radiation processor NXP SOI MPC8548E PowerQUICC-III running at 1 GHz. It is equipped with 64 KB of cache memory of the first level and 512 KB cache second level. At the disposal of the processor is 1GB of DDR2 SDRAM, 2 MB non-volatile memory EEPROM for firmware, and 1 GB of flash memory for user programs and data. At the beginning of 2017, the manufacturer promises to offer a variety SP0-S, which will have up to 8 GB of flash memory.

Power consumption of the computer does not exceed 10 watts. To its merit, the manufacturer considers the presence of built-in temperature sensors and microcontroller built-in ADC allows you to control the values of voltages and a variety of tools input / output. Equipment SP0-S includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports, four asynchronous serial port RS422 and GPIO lines. There is also a PMC slot and two slots PCI.

Source: Aitech


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