Airbus maybe before the end of this year to produce a prototype unmanned flying taxi

Last year, Airbus Group has announced that during 10 years to create unmanned aerial vehicles for transporting small number of passengers. Looking at how much effort automakers to create at least conventionally, an unmanned car, the Airbus statement was difficult to believe.

But the source reports that CEO Tom Enders (Tom Enders) has said it is ready to show a prototype of this device already at the end of this year. Of course, before the appearance of the production vehicle will take a very many years, and the legislation will again have to upgrade. But the prototype — demonstration of serious intent.

It is reported that last year the company created a whole division of Urban Air Mobility, which has been studying various aspects of creating a vehicle similar to a helicopter, which could carry several passengers. Means that you can order a taxi by apps from your smartphone, as in the case of conventional machines. By the way, the upcoming prototype will be focused on one person, so he obviously will be much smaller in its dimensions than what can appear in the sky over the heads of the inhabitants of megacities.

«A hundred years ago, urban transport has gone underground, and now we have the technological means to launch it over the earth» — quoted by Enders source.


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