Airbus claims that during 10 years to create unmanned aerial vehicles for taxi service

Unmanned taxis have not had time to appear on the roads of cities, but Airbus is already thinking over the idea of flying unmanned vehicles that could be used for the same purpose.

The this huge aircraft called the project Vahana. And it’s not just pretty pictures. Airbus believes that next year will be able to start the first tests of the prototype. The Helicopter division of Airbus is working to design a drone for two years.

According to the plan of the company, the cost of services flying taxi is not much higher than normal due to the fact that on Board are several passengers. Of course, such a scheme is possible when sending from any major urban nodes like railway stations, airports and so on.

Specific plans regarding the timing of the emergence of drones-taxi from Airbus yet, but the company claims that in just ten years it could create the necessary devices.


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