Against LG filed a lawsuit in connection with the issue of smartphones and G4 V10

It is no secret that the smartphone LG G4 has not been the most tenacious. They had a common problem with cyclic reboots due to weak contact of the components, as at the time recognized itself LG. Very often, in the end smart phone is simply disconnected and was no longer included.

This same problem affected LG V10, although for much smaller sales volumes about it, few know. Despite the fact that the manufacturer acknowledged the problem, no surveys campaigns were not launched, and at the expiration of the warranty, users are faced with a similar situation, had to buy a new smartphone.

And here are a few of the owners of the troubled smartphone LG has filed against the Korean company in a class action lawsuit. In particular, one of the plaintiffs said he twice changed under warranty distressed G4, but the third copy constantly freezes.

In the case of the plaintiffs demand compensation, the amount of which will be determined by the court. In addition, the claim contains the requirement that LG needs to launch a program to repair all the problematic phones.



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