After updating BIOS some Gigabyte X370 can damage the CPU

Updating the BIOS of the motherboard, especially at the start of a new generation of processors are often very useful. They carry various bug fixes and optimizations. But not always.

As it became known, the company Gigabyte the updates something went wrong. In the end, with the latest BIOS for the Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K7 and GA-AX370-Gaming K5 may significantly raise the CPU voltage (vCore), which can lead to the failure of the CPU.

These boards have the function of Gigabyte Dynamic Vcore, which is responsible for automatically adjusting the CPU voltage. During normal operation this function, the system Board may be in small range to control the voltage of vCore, but after updating the BIOS of the above Board models can set the value to 1.55 V and even 1.7 V, despite the fact that native — 1.2 V.
In the end, there is already at least one fixed fact of a failure of the CPU due to problems with the new BIOS.

The owners of these motherboards is best to check voltage under which work their processors.



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