After the implementation of a number of changes Xiaomi is ready to set the record for sales in 2017

CEO of Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun) said that 2016 was the year of change and adjustment of the development strategy of the company. However, already this year Xiaomi plans to set a record for sales, having products worth about 14.5 billion (approx. ed.: was announced handsome amount in 100 billion yuan).

Lei Jun said that the worst stage is passed, and now the company is set up for growth. In 2015, Xiaomi was ranked second in the list of the most successful Chinese manufacturers of smartphones, but in 2016 she flew out the top five. The reason is strong competition from Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and other companies.

The company has taken various steps to improve the situation, in particular by increasing the number of retail stores and targeting other countries. In India in 2016, Xiaomi has been in the top three with a turnover of more than $ 1 billion.

This year the company will open 200 stores by 2020, will open 1,000 new stores Xiaomi (until the company has a total of 54 stores). According to estimates Xiaomi, online sales of smartphones today provide only about 20% of the income in China.



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