After Lenovo Samsung pry on the topic of exploding batteries decided Ulefone

With the review of the smartphone Ulefone Power, the main feature of which was the battery capacity of 6050 mAh, you can see in our blogs.

The device was released in the spring of this year, however, amid the current situation with batteries that explode and burn on their own, Ulefone has decided to remind us of it.

A few days ago, Lenovo has used the scandal surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note7, touting their smartphone Z Moto Droid, however, this manufacturer only hinted at Samsung.

In Ulefone decided not to beat around the Bush, posting the following video and accompanied by this description: «Ulefone Power only starts to smoke when it is cut with angle grinders, whereas Samsung Galaxy Note7 explodes during normal use.

In the video you can see that the back cover Ulefone Power had completely melted. If the smartphone was in a pocket of the user, he would not have escaped the burns. Tags:
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