After five years, 6% of jobs the US will be occupied by robots

Robotics industrial sector develops unnoticed for most. Even a variety of thematic resources do not cover such issues since the subjects are too specific, and finding information difficult.

The source reports that by 2021, about 6% of jobs in the U.S. will be occupied by robots. Approximately 10 million people could work where work will be done by robots. And «a soulless piece of iron» pushed the people not only in factories but also in the service sector, and in the near future, it will affect the segment of the taxi.

At the moment according to statistics in the US, 45% of the adult population use at least some form of electronic or robotic assistant. Basically, this is a different voice assistants in a smartphone, and not robots, but now a noticeable trend of shifting even a primitive task on the shoulders of electronic systems.

Unfortunately, more information source does not by engaging in arguments about what to expect from total robotics in the near and distant future.


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