After a few years lull, the smartphone manufacturers have again begun to cheat to get the best results in tests

In 2013, the Network appeared information about the fact that many smartphone manufacturers are cheating in different test. Smartphones were set up so that understand that now they are tested in specific applications, in particular in AnTuTu, and increased the frequency of the CPU or GPU, so that the final score was higher. At the time the fraud was noticed by almost all major manufacturers, except Google (Nexus), Motorola and Apple.

Developers AnTuTu and the other ON the adopted measures, manufacturers of smartphones has improved, and more of this supposedly occurred. However, we now know that some more young companies decided to play the same game. Is known about the smartphone OnePlus and Meizu 3T Pro 6, which are «dispersed» in AnTuTu and Geekbench.

And OnePlus has already responded to the accusations, stating that its smartphones introduced a feature that makes the processor work a «more aggressive» in particularly demanding applications and games. This is to «provide users with the best experience.»

, Meizu


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